Top Three Events In The May Sky You Can Witness

Abigail McCoy, Staff Writer

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On Tuesday, May 8, Jupiter will exactly oppose the sun and be visible all night long. Jupiter’s disk will shine the brightest and be the largest of the year.

Saturday, May 12, early before the sunrise, two planets are going to be visible just above the horizon. Mercury and a much dimmer Uranus will be low in the Eastern sky and visible to see with aid of binoculars. Search for the two bright spots diagonally to each other but still relatively close, one brighter than the other. Mercury is the lower but brighter spot in the sky and Uranus is up and to the left but is not as bright due to the farther distance.

May 21, a Monday, in the late evening with help of a low powered telescope the bright star Regulus will be visible under the first quarter moon of May.