Movie Review: A Quiet Place SPOILERS INCLUDED


Abigail McCoy, Staff Writer

The critically acclaimed horror film “A Quiet Place” directed by and starring John Krasinski along with his onscreen as well as real life wife, Emily Blunt, was released on April 6, 2018. The story takes place in a world where Earth is hit by an asteroid and blind creatures with super hearing come loading off and attack and attempt to destroy anything that makes a sound. People soon started dropping like flies and the  population was suddenly decreased as everyone was being killed off by these beasts.

The main focus is a family with no connection to the outside world, a husband and wife along with their three children. The eldest child is a deaf girl, who is coincidentally also played by a deaf actress, to properly represent the disability. The other two children are boys; the youngest boy gets killed off quickly within the first fifteen minutes of the film; this is not much of plot twist as it is pretty much foreshadowed in the trailer. The death was not necessary but it did provide guilt and strife for the family, so perhaps it did help in the long run with the plot so they could overcome the grief together and become closer. The family lives on a ranch and communicates through sign language, often whispering to one another.

There are a few jump scares and little to no background information on the whole issue within that universe; information is only given when it is picked up on as very brief glimpses of newspapers that are shown. The movie overall was advertised as a horror/thriller film and lacked the whole atmosphere of a typical horror film. The whole premise of it all was to keep quiet so the family wouldn’t get killed but time after time everyone involved would have near death experiences with a character accidentally making a huge noise. The film’s soundtrack also contributed to the lack of atmosphere as it provided the sound where dialogue would normally be. The film as a whole would have been much more terrifying if there was a lack of background sound in general, meaning background music and narration.

The film is good in theory, but in practice “A Quiet Place” just failed to live up to the expectations it gave, wasn’t all that scary and all in all, it was kind of boring.