Pro’s and Con’s of Egg Donation

Pro’s and Con’s of Egg Donation

Abigail McCoy, Staff Writer

Ovarian egg donation has severe consequences but slightly makes up for it in the long run when it comes to money. Most companies and healthcare providers that remove the eggs from the female ovaries compensate the donators greatly, often paying them in the $8,000-14,000 range depending on the qualifications of donor and how many eggs they produce. The company Greater Generations pay the donor eight thousand dollars for the first donation and every donation after that ten thousand.

The psychological side to the donations is definitely more meaningful than just selling the ovarian eggs for money. The donor has the satisfaction of giving a chance to infertile couple and bring children to this world for those who can not.

Repercussions that may sway choice of donating may be future health risks along with the process of donation. Studies have shown that egg donation may have an increase in ovarian cancer for the donor. Such other factors include, periods after the donations are painful and irregular and the ability to conceive a child might be lowered.

This only stands for some cases, some other donors felt no negative symptoms and felt fine even after multiple procedures for egg donations.

For some the month long process of fertility and hormone shots is worth it along with the extensive background check to get the compensation money or personal gratification of giving others a chance at parenthood. But for others, the risks and all other contributing factors are just not worth it. It all depends of the donors personal choices, after all no one can force them to donate eggs.