Saying Goodbye


Jessica Blanchard

Class of 2018.

Jessica Blanchard, Staff Writer

On Friday June 1st, the seniors said their final goodbyes to Palmer High on Class Day, which held their graduation ceremony. Family members filed into the auditorium to see their relatives accept their awards. The ceremony started at around 9 o’clock, and students started to receive their cords, and other special achievements.

Andrew Mcdonald, 2018 class historian, gave the class history starting all the way back from kindergarten, to now. He shared some of the classes important memories that they shared together throughout their student careers that they would remember for a lifetime. Students from other grades were also recognized for their academic and athletic excellence. Later in the ceremony, teachers were recognized for their ongoing service towards the school and the students they’ve taught, and teachers that are going to be retiring were also acknowledged. Once all of the awards and cords were received, students had the opportunity to watch either the movie Sing or Guardians of the Galaxy volume 2, or do some type of physical activity outside or in the gym for the rest of the day.

On the following Sunday, it was the official Graduation Day, and it was time to receive their high school diplomas. The ceremony was held at Legion Field at 6:15, and began with principal Mrs.North opening along with superintendent Pat Gardner. Valedictorian Tim Bollea and Salutatorian Laura Davis each gave their final speeches and it was time for each student to accept their diploma. After everyone’s name was called, family and friends gathered to congratulate the class of 2018.