New Star Wars Game Announced and Other Gaming Developments

Promotional image featuring General Grievous’s entrance to Battlefront II. Photo credit to

Nicholas Silva, Layout Editor

EA Play is an annual gaming conference at which Electronic Arts showcases and reveals upcoming games. This year, after gaining exclusive game rights to the franchise, Star Wars was front and center.

EA announced a new game set in the fallout of Episode III, “Revenge of the Sith”. The game will be called “Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order”. While not much has been released surrounding the game’s content, it is easy to take a fairly safe guess.

Geonosis as seen in “Attack of the Clones”. Photo credit to

So far, it has been said that the game will be a single-player action-adventure story, following a Jedi padawan that survived Emperor Palpatine’s Order 66, which was intended to eliminate all of the Jedi which posed a threat to his power. The game will be released during the Holiday 2019 season, and is sure to provide a fresh, dark take on Star Wars gaming. Hopefully it will be a quality piece and help to shed light on the sparsely covered region of time.

Also in EA’s announcements was their controversial title, Battlefront II. Since the game’s release last November, the heroes found in the game have been largely focused on the Original and Sequel trilogies of Star Wars’ movie endeavors. Now, however, four new Prequel trilogy heroes and villains will be added to the game. The additions are the cyborg General Grievous, Jedi-turned-Sith Count Dooku, and Jedi Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker.

Battlefront II will also receive two new maps, and will see the return of Battlefront I’s Extraction Mode. Geonosis, the site of “Attack of the Clones”’ climactic battle, will be added to the game. The game’s design director, Dennis

Game Image
Promotional poster for ‘Fallout 76’. Photo credit to Bethesda.

Brannvall, said that the map is “the largest level we’ve ever built for Battlefront.” It was also revealed that Geonosis will be the first map to feature a large-scale game mode focusing around control of different objectives, similarly to the present gameplay.

In addition to EA Play, the annual cross-platform multi-developer gaming conference E3 is in full swing, and several other companies have announced new games coming out in the near future. E3 is practically EA Play but for all major gaming companies and several exciting titles were announced by the developers in attendance.

Bethesda Game Studio, creator of the Fallout series, announced the latest installment in the line, “Fallout 76”. The game, unlike its predecessors, will be focused around online, collaborative play while trying to survive in the wasteland. The game is rumored to be set twenty-five years after the nuclear bombs were dropped in the alternate-history game’s timeline. However, little is known about the story or content at this time. It is available for pre-order now, as well as a special ‘Power Armor’ edition including a fully operational power armor helmet replica, as well as assorted collectable items.

Bethesda also announced a sixth installment in their successful, online “Ender Scrolls” franchise. The studio also declared a new role playing game set in space, titled “Starfield” –the studio’s first new franchise in a quarter century.

Master Chief in promotional material for ‘Halo: Infinite’. Photo credit to Halo Waypoint.

Microsoft announced a new Halo game, titled “Halo: Infinite”. There has been very little information released, however it looks as though the graphics will be amazing, and the story will continue where “Halo 5: Guardians” left off. However, the slightly odd design of the character’s armor seen in the short teaser trailer has led to some speculation that the story will take place in main character Master Chief’s early days.

Overall, EA Play and E3 were unusually eventful for the wishful gamer, and the coming year is certainly looking bright in terms of new titles, including many more that are not featured here. Free time, however, will suffer as these developments promise hours, even days or weeks, of potential exploration and enjoyment.