“The Kissing Booth”

'The Kissing Booth' Movie poster

Credit to Netflix

'The Kissing Booth' Movie poster

Renee Chaples, Secretary

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Currently, Netflix’s most popular movie, The Kissing Booth, is taking social media by storm. Recently, it seems impossible to log on to any social media platforms without seeing any spoilers or posts about the movie. The movie is creating a lot of buzz but I personally cannot see why.

The movie was exclusively released to Netflix on May 11, 2018 and stars actress Joey King as the main character. Alongside her are actors Joel Courtney and Jacob Elordi as the two supporting characters.

One good thing about the movie is that there is no need for a spoiler warning anyways since the movie is so predictable.The entire plot is literally the classic “girl gets the guy but there’s a conflict of interest but in the end it turns out all okay.” It lacks depth, and where it tries to place depth it makes no sense. A good example of this is about three quarters of the way into the movie. The two main characters, Elle and Lee, are surprised by their peers with a fake setup of the kissing booth they used at a carnival to raise money for a club. Although the kissing booth had very little to to with the actual plot itself, Elle’s internal monologue is sure to let the audience know, “the kissing booth meant something to these people.” In reality it was just a fundraiser for a club that seems to only have two members in and never performs. This plot point just seemed to randomly be thrown in there for the sake of adding depth, but all it did was add confusion. Why did it mean anything to anyone else other than Elle? It was just another fundraiser which also happened to cause a lot of drama.

In addition to this, the characters are very generic. The most character development in the whole movie is when Elle’s mom dies, but that takes place before the actual plot itself and once again does little to affect the plot.

Overall, the movie sucked and I have no idea why it is given the amount of attention it has. The only source that seemed to have a credible review was IMBd, and that source gave the movie a 6.5 out of 10. Any other sources just flagged the movie as “adorable” and “funny” due to its romcom nature. Adorable and funny are aspects present in all romcoms and does not make the movie superior to any other Netflix has released in the past year.