How to Beat the Heat

How to Beat the Heat

Abigail McCoy, Secretary

As this summer is coming to an end, Mother Nature is hitting the North East with one final heat wave so here are some tips and tricks to keep the heat at bay in this oven called Palmer High. There are three heat related ailments, with heat cramps being the mildest, heat stroke being the most severe, and heat exhaustion being a not-so-pleasant middle ground. Heat exhaustion is usually the most common in the summer months no matter where you are. Symptoms you can look out for include: cool, clammy skin; weak, rapid pulse; heavy sweating; lightheadedness; muscle cramps, and headaches. If any of these symptoms occur it is suggested to get into a cool, dark place and drink small sips of water to re-hydrate yourself. But the best thing is not having to do any of that at all.

One way to keep from passing out due to this extensive heat is drinking a lot of water throughout the day, hydration is key. Though you may need to take several trips to the ladies or gents room, it is much better than having heat stroke which can sometimes prove to be fatal. Keep a water bottle on your person at all times of the day so you do not forget to keep hydrated.

Stay cool when it’s time for bed. Some people enjoy the Egyptian method of keeping cool, which is dampening a sheet or thin blanket with cold water and sleeping on top of it or using it as your normal blanket. Another way is to throw your sheets/blanket into the freezer for a few minutes before you intend on sleeping. It is not an all night solution but you do get brief moments of cool bliss from the heat.

To avoid sweating as much it is recommended that you stay hydrated throughout the day to keep your body at its peak. If you want to avoid sweat stains and such, put on deodorant about 30-45 minutes before you have to leave the house in order for it to dry fully and work at its best quality. It is also suggested you wear light colored and flowy clothing, cotton is usually the best as it is very breathable, and less heat is trapped in your clothing.

Optimize your fans and windows to the best of your ability. Keep those box fans pointed out the window so they draw hot air out of your room to leave it nice and cool. Keep your windows open if there’s a nice breeze but remember to block out the sun as the bright light will heat up your house quicker than you expect.

Fall is approaching soon but the last days of summer may be the hottest yet so stay cool and stay safe from this horrendous heat.