The Paw Cast – September 14th, 2018

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Welcome to the  Paw Cast, a digital news companion to the Paw Print. Today we will cover the new Unified Cooking class, the school’s GSA club, and more.

The Paw Cast airs Fridays over the course of the school year, covering school and local news, as well as topics suggested by you the viewer. To suggest topics, you can visit us during C block in lab 303 or email us at [email protected]

Hosts: Mahkayla Perrin and Nicholas Silva

Sports Correspondent: Abigail McCoy

Field Reporter: Mahkayla Perrin

Additional Research: Abby Rathbone, Tear Stallone

Technical Support and Filming: Mr. Leander



NS: Hello, I am Nicholas

MP: And I’m Mahkayla

NS: And welcome to the Paw Cast. Today is September 14th, 2018. To start us off you’ll notice our usually host is absent today. Renee is not feeling well and will be returning next week. For now, Mahkayla will be filling in for her.

MP: Thank you, Nick. Before we dive right into the news, let’s talk about sports. I sat down in an interview with one of the new cheer coaches this year Coach Allie Perciano. Coach Perciano blessed me with an interview a few days ago. She said that this is her third year at Palmer High, and yet she has so many plans for the cheer team including competitions in the winter. The team also recently received new mats from an anonymous benefactor. She sadly does not have a cheer background, but her co-coach Addie Bernard has been a cheer coach for years. I can’t wait to see where this team goes.

NS: Thank you Abby. Also in sports news, Palmer High unfortunately had to postpone the Unified Basketball program due to lack of funding. However, in its place will be a unified cooking class. Special Olympics Innovation granted Palmer High a $2.5 thousand grant to go towards this. Our school was one of 80 schools to receive this grant, with only 19 schools in the US receiving it. PHS is the only school in Massachusetts to get this grant. Paul Halloway, the special ed teacher here at PHS, submitted an application for this grant last year, and our administration loved the idea of having special ed and regular ed together. In this class there will be an assortment of 22 both regular and special ed students. Students will learn about things in the kitchen, to do with measurements, health, and hopefully, in the future, farming. Mr. Halloway is hoping to have a garden somewhere on the school grounds, so that his class can have a farm to table atmosphere. Palmer High was the first school to be recognized as a National Unified Champion School in Western Mass, and is one of only ten in the entire state. Unified cooking will start next semester.

AM: Upcoming is the first school play for this year brought you by Palmer High’s very own drama club. It is going to be led by Mr. Osbourn, and more details will be forthcoming soon.

NS: Thank you Mahkayla. Yesterday was the first meeting for many clubs in our school, including the GSA and Kindness club. Mr.Frechette stated that the G.S.A (gay,straight alliance) club is to create a safe space and raise awareness for all issue pertaining to gender and sexuality. The individuals who attend this club do various awareness such as put hearts on other teachers doors who support as alliances. They also marched at the gay pride parade in North Hampton last year. Issues pertaining sexuality and gender are a serious issue and this club is wants to place Palmer in the front lines of the debate. Mr. Frechette and the teens who are in the club are planning bigger events, trying to get more allies, and trying to get the school more involved. If you would like to join talk to Mr. Frechette in room 308, or show up to the meetings on Thursdays at 2:00. Now, back to Abby.

AM: This weekend the band will be doing their annual  Walk to End Alzheimer’s at Holyoke Community College. Although I will be marching in it as well, I asked Abigail Shea, the captain of the majorette team to come on to the paw cast for an interview about the upcoming Walk to End Alzheimer’s.

NS: And with this closes our second Paw Cast. For anyone interested in having a feature in the paw cast please visit us during C block in the 303 computer lab. Thank you for joining us and we will see you next Time.