Your Strangest Space Questions Answered

An artist's depiction of Space

Credit to the UFO International Project

An artist's depiction of Space

Abigail McCoy, Secretary

“Is space living or not?”

The question, is our universe sentient, has bothered philosophers for years. Bernard Haisch, a German physicist, believes that the universe, due to the energy coursing through it, has some sort of physical structure not unlike a brain. After all, every being has a reason for living, so if the universe is alive and always expanding, what would be its reason? It depends on which physicist you ask. Soviet Astronomer Pavel Parenago thought that the universe gains knowledge and experience with time as the oldest stars and creations in the universe are the simplest on an atomic level; further studies show that the latest creations from the universe have been more complicated than even our best technology can comprehend. In the end, it is unsure whether or not the universe is sentient despite Haisch’s and Perenago’s theories. All we can believe is our own personal thoughts on the matter.


“Does the universe ever end?”

Currently our universe does not have an end, the universe will continue to expand until a certain point is reached and it will suddenly collapse inwards until a reverse of the big bang is reached. It is expanding outwards in an uncertain pattern without reason and will continue to do so for another billion or so years. When it starts compressing towards the center of our universe, it will implode on itself and life as we know it will cease to exist. But as of right now, no, the universe does not have an end.


“If a pool of water was released into space and you swam in it would you be able to get out or would you just be trapped for life?”

Due to being unable to move without artificial propulsion in space, if there was a surefire way to make a “pool” of water in zero gravity you would be unable to swim in it. The best you could do was flail around and move the water around your body while hopefully not drowning if you are without some sort of suit to keep you oxygenated. There also wouldn’t be a guaranteed top or bottom of the pool so your best bet would be to keep a friend nearby whose equipped with artificial propulsion methods and have them be on standby to rescue you if need be.