Space Jam 2


A promotional poster for the original Space Jam. Photo credit to IMDb.

Tear Stallone, Staff Writer

The well-known live action/ animated sports comedy starring Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes characters, “Space Jam”, has been rumored to be making a comeback sequel. The original movie, released by Warner Bros Pictures back in November of 1996, was a huge success, being the first movie to ever combine the animation world with the real world. This classic introduced new Looney Tunes characters such as Bugs Bunny’s love interest, Lola Bunny. Finally, after 20 years, there’s talk about releasing a sequel.

Space Jam 2, would feature Lebron James as,“Small Forward”, and Bugs Bunny co-starring as, “point guard” as shown in an Instagram post created by Springhill Entertainment. The post showed a locker room with some cast member and some production information. This information consists of some cast names and the director, Terence Nance, and producer, Ryan Coogler. Ryan Coogler confirmed the news on this movie to The Hollywood Reporter last Wednesday.

Ryan Coogler also directed early 2018 movie, Black Panther, a superhero film based on Marvel comics. The movie was produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studio Motion Pictures. Coogler also co-wrote screenplay with Joe Robert Cole.

The Space Jam concept was taken from a commercial by Nike that had Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny having a one-on-one basketball game and then, one year later, they took that same idea of having a Looney Tunes and Michael Jordan collaboration and created a hit movie. The other plots of Jordan being recruited to play with the Looney Tunes characters in a basketball face off against the alien monsters was an idea taken from Michael Jordan’s retirement in 1993 and how he started to play basketball two years later. Earlier sequels were supposed to happen. For example, Lebron James teased fans with a possibility of Space jam 2 in 2015 after he stated that he would be working with Warner Bros. and in 1997, a unnamed producer said that Michael Jordan agreed to do the secret. But, unfortunately, the producer lied, halting the excitement of this sequel.

The production for this movie is “tentatively slated” to start in 2019 during the NBA off-season. The movie release date is possibly going to fall on January 23, 2021.