Monson fire

Mahkayla Perrin, staff writer


On Wednesday September 19, 2018, an accidental fire broke out in Monson. At 14 Highland Ave, a resident was using a torch to repair a pipe and accidentally set a wall on fire in the basement of the single family home. The fire damaged the single family home and there was heavy damage from the fire in the basement as well as the first floor of the home but the second floor bedrooms only had damage from smoke. Along with the damage to the house, the fire also killed a puppy, but thankfully a couple and their three other dogs all made it out safe and in time before the fire had gotten any worse.

According to Mass Live, the fire was reported at 2:27pm on Wednesday and the Palmer Fire District and the Brimfield firefighters started pouring water on the fire just six minutes after the call was made to 911. The firefighters got the blaze under control within fifteen minutes of arriving at the scene, and they stayed until about 6:15 just to make sure the fire was completely out and another fire wouldn’t start again. Hopefully there will be more information released after the firefighters, and police investigate.