High School To College: Part One

Credit to The Hub Student Newspaper for Clifton High School.

Jayleen De La Cruz

Credit to The Hub Student Newspaper for Clifton High School.

Renee Chaples, Chief and Editor

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It’s officially the start of fall, which for seniors means that it is also college application season. Being a senior myself I’ve decided to take anyone who needs help on my journey in this guide on applying and preparing for college. This first installment will be dedicated to applying- most specifically the essay section.

The essay is easily the most stressful part of applying to college, after all it is the sole focus that will be viewed by admissions. Most colleges will have essay prompts with a 250-600 word count requirement. Thankfully, this is not a long essay and the prompts are usually based on real-life experiences so there’s minimum research required.

What most colleges will look for is an essay that describes the qualities that make the applying student stand out. It is important to write about something that proves that there is a benefit of accepting the application. For example, my most recent essay is based around my grandmother who recently passed. Since I want to go to an art school and her passing is what inspired me to pursue an art career that is the best topic to write about in an essay directed at an art school.

Although the essay is meant to be based on personal experiences it is important to keep it formal. Avoid the second point of view and always proofread. No college is going to want someone who still writes like a second grader.

It is probably going to take a few drafts before the perfect college essay is written but it will be worth the effort. Also to lower the stress it could be very beneficial to have a teacher edit the essay as well. If anyone knows what a college is looking for it would be a teacher since they had to go through the same process before and would have the experience.