Top 3 Obscure Music and Art Festivals


Abigail McCoy, Secretary

Electric Forest Festival

The electric forest festival hosted in Rothbury, Michigan, has been a weekend event every year since 2011 and in 2017 it changed to a two weekend event. The lights and music are what attract people but the companionship and the family that they find is what makes people come back year after year. Lights are hung up in the trees and camps are set up in the forests. You can’t drive through this festival, you can only walk or take some form of a bike. Ticket prices range from $100 for general admission, to approximately $1,600 for VIPs. You must bring our own camping supplies, and over a hundred musical performances can happen during the two weekend event.

Burning Man

Burning Man is hosted in Black Rock City, a temporary metropolis in the Black Rock desert in Nevada. It’s not your usual art or music festival, it is paraded as a community for all types of people to join. They focus on minimalism and leaving no trace, along with MOOP (Matter Out Of Place), one of their founding philosophies. Wooden statues are built and burned in the night to represent new beginnings and the letting go of past grievances. To most it isn’t just a community or festival, it is a lifestyle that some folks participate in on a day to day basis.

White Nights Festival

The White Nights takes place from late May to late July in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The 2018 dates have already passed on May 26-July 23, though the dates fluctuate each year.

During this time period the sun doesn’t dip below the horizon enough to darken the sky completely at night so people take to the streets to enjoy nights full of light and energy with family and friends. Numerous ballets and classical performances occur and the streets are filled at night with just as many people as during the day. It is a yearly festival that happens in the early summer.