The Paw Cast – September 28th, 2018

Welcome to a special edition of the  Paw Cast, a digital news companion to the Paw Print. Today we will cover the Palmer vs. Ware Pep Rally!

The Paw Cast airs Fridays over the course of the school year, covering school and local news, as well as topics suggested by you the viewer. To suggest topics, you can visit us during C block in lab 303 or email us at [email protected]

Hosts: Renee Chapels and Nicholas Silva

Sports Correspondent: Abigail McCoy

Technical Support and Filming: Mr. Fleury



RC: Hello and Welcome to this week’s podcast. I am Renee,

NS: And I’m Nicholas

RC: Today is September 28th, 2018 and we present a very special edition of the Paw Cast to you.

NS: Yes, today we will be hosting the annual Palmer vs. Ware assembly. This tradition has been around for decades, however this year we not only kicking off one new tradition but TWO new traditions. But first, let’s go check it out!

-Start of Assembly-

RC: Hello everyone! Welcome to this years Palmer vs. Ware assembly! As you can see there are some brand news things we have in store for you! For anyone wondering I’m your host Renee.

NS: And I’m Nick!

RC: And we are the Paw Print! Your new assembly hosts! This assembly will be recording and featured in the Paw Print’s podcast, the “Paw Cast” which you’ll be able to view at anytime online at Smile!

NS: Now let’s get to the assembly! To starts us off the band will perform our National Anthem.

-national anthem-

NS: Now we will hear from our Sport Correspondent Abigail McCoy.

AM: Hello everyone! Performing for us first is our very own Palmer High Cheer Squad!

AM: Well done cheerleaders! As always you guys did an amazing job!

RC:  Now it’s time for an old tradition, the football team basket toss! Can all the participants please join us on the floor.

NS: and for our final performance let’s bring our attention to the band and majorettes who will be performing this year’s halftime show. Take it away band!

-Band Performs half time-

NS: Great job band and Majorettes, as always. Now it’s time to recognize our fall sports teams to end off this assembly!

NS: Now to end the assembly, could all fall sports athletes please join us on the floor to be recognized!

RC: thank you everyone for joining us today we hope to see you this Saturday at the Palmer vs Ware game at 1pm

NS: have a great day everyone!

-End of Assembly-

NS: Thank you. That was a magnificent assembly. Before we end for today, just a little more news on the cheerleaders. For  that, here is our sports correspondent, Abby McCoy.

AM: Well thanks Nick. This year, for the first time ever, the cheerleaders joined the band on their Annual Big E field trip. The cheerleaders created their own dances to go along the band’s songs and even cheered on occasion for the viewers of the parade.

NS: Thank you, Abby. And thank you all for watching. For anyone interested in suggesting an idea for future episodes, or if you are interested in a feature in the paw cast, please visit us during C block in the 303 computer lab. Thank you for joining us and we will see you next Time.

RC: Goodbye.