Why There Should Be No Children in Hollywood

Abigail McCoy, Secretary

Sexual assault and molestation has been going on in Hollywood since motion pictures became more common place. These heinous crimes are especially commonplace against child actors and young teens.  

The first recorded case was in 1976 with Todd Bridges from Diff’rent Strokes, Bridges claimed his publicist started molesting him around the age of 11 or 12. In 1986, Corey Haim confessed to a costar on the set of The Lost Boys, that an adult male in the industry had convinced him that it was normal and even encouraged for young boys and older men in the business to have sexual relations together.

Children in the business of child actors are more likely to be molested than young adults or older actors. The industry preys on young children, telling them that they are special, that being touched like that is normal in the business. These children grow up believing performing lewd acts for people higher up in the industry is how you gain power and status.

If having teens and some older children be played by young adults fixes the issue of literal child actors being sexually assaulted for years on end. On the other hand of the issue, kids and teens gain insecurities when looking through media (movies, TV shows, etc.)Predators go after the easy prey, and we must not make children available to those looking for easy prey.