The Story Behind Brett Kavanaugh

Christine Ford and Brett Kavanaugh at the 2018 hearing

Credit to Express Newspaper

Christine Ford and Brett Kavanaugh at the 2018 hearing

Renee Chaples, Editor and Chief

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On Tuesday, July 10, Brett Kavanaugh was nominated by President Trump to take over the  Associate Justice position left by the now-retired Anthony Kennedy. However, this would quickly come to a halt.

Cristine Ford was the first woman to step up and expose Kavanaugh on sexual misconduct. She claims that she was assaulted by Kavanaugh during a party in their late-teens back in the 1980’s. Although she was quiet for many years about the incident, she had mentioned it during various therapy sessions with her husband, and when she discovered that he was nominated she contacted her member of congress via letter about what she had experienced.

She had originally requested that the letter remain private between her and the member of congress, but word eventually got out. Under the influence of her attorney, Ford agreed to a lie-detector test about her allegations which would later prove that Ford was not lying. This inspired many more women to come forth with accusations about Kavanaugh, so an investigation was ordered. Ford had agreed to testify against Kavanaugh although she did not want to to come forth publicly prior to this.

In the hearing, the White house consistently stood on the behalf of Kavanaugh. According to CNN, Kavanaugh was seen entering the white house and later changed his statement agreeing to testify yet still denying the accusations from Ford.

Despite the hearing, several key Senators announced on Friday that they still planned on voting for him. Then, on October 6, the senate voted 50-48, thus confirming Kavanaugh to take over Kennedy’s position.