The Good, The Bad, and The Long Term Effects of High School Sports


Photo by WHTC

Abigail McCoy, Secretary

From football, field hockey, and baseball, to soccer, track & field, and golf, it is estimated that 55.5% of students in high school play some sort of sport. Whether it’s for their entire high school career or just for a single season, detrimental long term effects come into play very early on; however, there’s good to the life spanning effects thankfully.

One good long term effect is increased longevity. People who play sports in high school often have better health for the rest of their life, on average, than people who don’t. Sports in high school give young teens a heightened sense of responsibility and a greater understanding of their body and mind. Often when people play high school sports they keep doing some sort of physical activity because they are so used to it and it gets their serotonin up and running.

Unfortunately, the bad frankly outweighs the good. High school sports injuries are serious and can last a lifetime; football, for example, is by far one of the most dangerous sports and even at the high school level some of the injuries can be life threatening. Head injuries, snapping or stressing tendons, and joint issues are quite common among student athletes. Not to mention the toll sports play on their already fragile teenage mental health. Being forced to play a sport they do not enjoy and having a tremendous amount of responsibility and guilt thrown upon their shoulders by their coaches is damaging. Some athletes break down from the stress of the combined sports and school, some quit sports all together because they aren’t fond of the stress the team is putting on them. Some students only join sports for fun and yet all they get in return is stress placed upon their shoulders. Worse, some students don’t even think to quit and all the stress builds up to lead to greater issues.

Playing high school sports is healthy for you in moderation but if you cross the line into long lasting bad effects, then your life will forever change. Don’t take high school sports too seriously, its for teenagers.