New York Limo Crash Takes 20 Lives

At the crash site on Oct. 6, 2018, in Schoharie, New York

Photo credit to AP via USA Today

At the crash site on Oct. 6, 2018, in Schoharie, New York

Mahkayla Perrin, Staff Writer

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On October 6th, a tragic limousine accident took place which subsequently left young children without their parents. In Schoharie, New York, the limo was taking a large group of friends and family to celebrate passenger Amy Steenburg’s 30th birthday. However, they would never reach their destination.

        The accident would instantly takes the lives of 20 passengers ages 24-70. According to the officers the limo traveled through an intersection without stopping which caused the limo to crash into an unoccupied vehicle and killing nearby pedestrians. The limo occupied friends and relatives, including four sisters and newlyweds all ranging from 24 years old to 70 years old. Officials said that the limo traveled through a intersection and didn’t stop which led to the limo crashing into and killing two nearby pedestrians. The vehicle eventually came to a stop in a ravine. The federal officials said that this was the deadliest transportation accident in the United States since 2009 when a plane crashed near Buffalo and killed 50 people.

    Tuesday afternoon the state police released the names and ages of the victims. Governor Andrew Coumo had also revealed that the limousine failed inspection last month on September 4. The sole purpose for its failure was due to an anti-lock braking system malfunction indicators for the hydraulic braking system. They are not sure if this issue had a hand in causing the accident. In addition to this, the driver of the limo did not have the appropriate license to be operating the limo. State police superintendent George P. Beach recently said that the son of the owner of the company Nauam Hussain knew about the failed state inspection, the vehicle being ordered out of service, and about the limousine driver not having the appropriate license to operate the vehicle. Nauman was arrested Wednesday and charged with one count of criminally negligent homicide. But for now the New York police department is investigating the crash sight and how the vehicle crashed. The courts and the police are deciding whether to charge Nauman or his father.