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Venom, released on October 5, was supposed to be the 2018 movie of the fall but as critics got a first look, the movie fell flat against deaf ears. Venom, voiced by Tom Hardy, is an alien creature that was willingly captured along with three others by scientist Carlton Drake on an exploratory space mission. The four life forms are then brought back to earth where one of them escapes during a crash landing. It is discovered that they are sentient and they can latch onto whoever they come in contact with and take over their body.

After the introduction to the aliens, the movie transitions to focus on the life of Eddie Brock. Brock is unfortunately fired from his beloved journalism job. Fast forward six months, and Brock is faced with something drastic and life changing. At this time, Doctor Drake is trying to bond the lifeforms found to living subjects. Many human subjects are killed in testing and two of the symbiotes die in the process. To expose his work to the world, Drake’s assistant scientist enlists former news reporter Brock when Drake begins performing tests on unwilling human subjects. In the process Brock ends up becoming a host for one of these lifeforms and has to quickly adjust in order to survive. The movie is quick to show the symbiote (the unknown life form) and Brock working together as Drake tries to hunt down his missing symbiote. Venom, the name Brock knows the symbiote by, is clear in his intentions of using him as a way to survive on this unknown planet and needing him in order to bring others of his kind to Earth to colonize it. As the movie progresses, and Venom and Brock bond more, the symbiote wants to stay on earth because of the bond the two formed together. Working together they kill off the remaining symbiote who was trying to escape in order to come back and colonize the entire planet. Venom seemingly dies. Later it was revealed that he survived and he just wants to stay hidden for now, the two of them are trying to go about a seemingly normal life when the credits rolled.

The reviews of the movie are where things gets a little dicey. Critics on Rotten Tomatoes gave the movie a 31% liking, creditiing that it was a bad romcom trying to be a superhero movie, or that the all star cast deserves better than the trash Venom’s writers have created. Critics are often wrong as the audience favored the movie with a whopping 81%, growing higher by the day. Critics overestimate what makes a movie enjoyable to the audience and often get lead astray by old fashioned thoughts of what makes it great. Most of the audience went into the movie hoping for a good Tom Hardy film and came out laughing due to the frequent comedic scenes and great acting. The acting was amazing and the movie was hopefully the first of many Venom movies to come. Don’t believe the critics on this movie: it is a film worth watching.