Palmer Alice Drill (My Opinion)


a picture of some students at Palmer high walking into the church

Tear Stallone, Staff Writer

    The first Palmer High ALICE drill was held on October 18, 2018. ALICE Drill is a procedure to prepare students and faculty in the event that an active shooter infiltrates the building. In the school, the students get to do whatever they feel is safe to protect themselves from the shooter.

    Last year,  the school held two ALICE drills and neither were like the one experienced this year. The previous two, children were allowed to leave the school as fast as they could, or barricade. If students made the decision to leave, they were expected to return to the school after conjugating in the practice football field. This year however, everyone was told to  leave the school and meet at the designated meeting location, a church approximately a half a mile away called Divine Mercy. The drill was held at the end of the day so students were dismissed directly from the church.

    In my opinion, this year’s ALICE drill was not very safe or realistic. Prior to calling the drill into action, students were told to leave in a orderly fashion and to keep calm. In a real situation, it is more likely that everyone will panic and run away. Also I found that walking to the church was an unnecessary addition. If the situation was real, chances are everyone would get as far away as possible or to a spot they most feel safe.

    Being a student, I do not feel safe in the church. When there is an active shooter anywhere, I will try my best to get out of there and either go straight home or to the police station I know is safe. The church will have the whole school in one place and who’s to say that someone will be there waiting to commit the crime at the church if they did not succeed at the school. Usually the shooter is a student so now they know where the students will go if they make it out of school safely. I could be away from everyone when I am at home and at the police station, the authorities will not let anything bad happen to me.

    They put all these precautions for the purpose of taking attendance but these precautions will most likely put students in danger, rather than save them. It is more likely that I will keep my life if I leave as quick as possible and separate myself from large groups. In some situations, many could panic even if they make it out alive yet still do not feel safe. Drills should be extremely serious and realistic like the ones we have experienced in the past, everyone is going to try and get out to somewhere to feel more protected.

    All in all, the first Palmer ALICE drill was not planned well enough  to prepare us for something that could potentially in the future in my opinion. I feel that past ALICE drills were far more successful. People listened and took in information to figure out their next move, that way, many students and staff can get out safely.