Trump’s Next Nuclear Move

Trump's Next Nuclear Move

The Daily Express

Abigail McCoy, Secretary

As 2018 is coming to a close, President Trump seems like he’s getting more and more paranoid of international leaders. On Monday, October 22, Trump told reporters that he intended to increase the US nuclear arsenal until other countries somehow “come to their senses.” It is unclear what Trump meant by this statement, but tensions with other countries are getting worse. Over the weekend the president announced he was ending the decades old nuclear arms treaty with Russia, the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF).

With the supposed building up of the nuclear arsenal and the pulling out of the INF, it seems Trump may be building up for a nuclear arms race of some kind. Trump claims that Russia had not adhered to the treaty either and the weapons build up is to intimidate China into submission as well as the on/off enemy of Russia. The spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Hua Chunying, told reporters right after Trump’s announcement on Monday that it was wrong for him to cite China as a reason to pull out of the agreement, stating that China has been nothing but willing to participate in peace with the United States.

All actions have consequences unfortunately. Russia claims to have never broken the treaty, but if the US is building up their arsenal then Russia will be forced to take action against Washington.

President Trump’s next move is unsure but the entire world waits with bated breath as weapon arsenals are getting bigger and bigger. The world is scared, and one wrong move might cause catastrophe.