Trump is planning on leaving treaty with Russia


a picture of Donald Trump

Tear Stallone, Staff Writer

    As stated by American Officials and foreign diplomats, The Trump administration is planning on telling Russia to call off the Landmark Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces treaty (INF treaty). Back in 1986,  President Ronald Reagan met with former soviet leader, Mikhail Gorbachev to discuss no-earth shattering agreements, creating an origin for The INF treaty. This agreement was made to last for three decades.

    This treaty has been seen as effective for years, however this is now enabling the United States to counter Chinese arms buildup in the Pacific. Adding to that, Russia has been violating the treaty since 2014. The Soviet Union has been making certain decisions such as to antagonize other nations. The treaty constrained the US from deploying new weapons in a way of responding to China’s efforts to take and keep a dominant place in the Western Pacific. With that being said, China is not part of this treaty, meaning they could create intermediate-range nuclear weapons that can go thousands of miles.

    As stated by The White House, no official decision has been made by the United States to leave the treaty. However, Trump is expected to sign off on the decision in the next upcoming weeks. If the decision is made that he does leave the treaty, this will be the first time he has ever back out of an arms control treaty since he has been in office.

    With that being said, the decision to leave will question the sudden acceleration to cold-war like behavior among the United States, Russia, and China. Russia has flown bombers over Europe and conducted troop exercises on the borders with Former Soviet states. The US and their allies, the North American Treaty Organizations (NATO) are rotating forces through countries under threat. China and the United States are jostling for position in the South China Sea. While the US leaving the treaty is in the air, China, Russia, and The United States are preparing for any possible war in the area.