The Paw Cast – October 31st, 2018

Welcome to the  Paw Cast, a digital news companion to the Paw Print. Today we will cover Halloween festivities and interview senior sports captains.

The Paw Cast airs Fridays over the course of the school year, covering school and local news, as well as topics suggested by you the viewer. To suggest topics, you can visit us during C block in lab 303 or email us at [email protected]

Hosts: Renee Chaples and Nicholas Silva

Sports Correspondent: Abby McCoy

Additional Research: Abby Rathbone, Tear Stallone

Technical Support and Filming: Mr. Fleury



RC: Hello and welcome to this week’s installment of the Paw Cast. As always, I’m your host Renee

NS: And I’m Nicholas

RC: Today’s date is October 31st which means it’s also Halloween!

NS: Yes, it is. So start us off we will be sharing with you a Palmer high tradition that Halloween costume contest!

RC: Every year students and faculty dress up as whatever they want for a small fee of $3. Anyone who dresses up will help contribute points to their class for spirit week. Alongside spirit week points there are also rewards for the top three costumes in the school. This year’s  first place prize being $30, second place being $20, and third $10. Good luck!

NS: now for our next segment will be bringing on our sports correspondent Abby McCoy.

AM: Thank you Nick. The fall sports season is quickly coming to a close, so to celebrate we’ve invited the senior captains of each sport to share with us their final goodbyes.


NS: Well that’s it for this episode of Paw Cast, thank you joining us.

RC: Do you want to be featured on the next episode? Feel free to come on down to room 303 during C-block for more information and we will see you next time.