Star Wars Fan Awards: Top Picks


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Banner for the 2018 Star Wars Fan Awards

Nicholas Silva, Layout Editor

The Star Wars Fan Awards for 2018 are now open for voting! Previously known as the Fan Film Awards, this annual competition challenges super fans to produce a Star Wars inspired submission, in the hopes of winning one of 34 prizes. The submissions have been previously judged by a panel to provide the current Audience Choice Finalists.

In previous years, only videos -long and short- have been accepted, but this year Disney and Lucasfilm have decided to open the competition to photography and ‘visual art’ as well, providing a plethora of amazing submissions. Submissions were accepted between July 18th and September 17th. Audience voting just opened on November 2nd, and will close on November 13th. Below are some of the top picks from this year’s event.


Long Video:

First off, the top picks from the Long Video category. As a rule, submissions for a long video could not exceed five minutes in length. That is certainly a short amount of time, however, these submissions managed to capture the feel of Star Wars, and offer an impactful or humorous story even in this short amount of time.

Anaxagorean Heist:

This entry managed to offer an amazing, authentic experience which could, perhaps, even convince that the viewer were watching a Disney-made production. Perhaps even better than that. Everything from the absurd name to the cluttered, dingy interior of the starship set, everything about this short screamed Star Wars. The filmmaker, Alec L., and his team did an amazing job with props, costumes, and set design. Everything captured the lived-in feel of the franchise, and worked well with the story. But the story, of course, was the most important component. In only the less than five minutes that it filled, this short managed to tie into canon, and provide background on one of the most important questions of The Force Awakens; How did Maz Kanata get Luke’s lightsaber? Of course, this is unfortunately not canon, but perhaps if it will win, Disney will work it into the storyline.

More Machine Than Man:

This more comical entry focuses on a conversation between Obi Wan and Luke at the very beginning of Return of the Jedi. In the actual scene, Obi Wan tells Luke that his father, Vader, is “more machine now, than man.” In this entry, it follows the same scene, but instead of accepting the fact and leaving, the short has Luke ask Obi Wan what he means. This leads to an in depth look at how messed up the Skywalker family tree is, and how the Jedi are not so good after all, reflecting on how their first resort is to cut off limbs. It also pokes fun at lightsabers and how Jedi would realistically be cutting their own limbs off. It also highlights a fact which many people overlook, “Say what you will about the Empire, they always have had an excellent health plan.”


Short Video:
Now to the short video category. All submissions in this category had to be less than thirty seconds long, even less time to make a point than the Long Videos.

Vader Misquoted:

What is one of the most quoted lines from all of Star Wars. Many would say, “Luke, I am your father.” However, it is actually “No, I am your father.” This short animated clip, despite having ear-shatteringly loud audio, humorously provides this correction as if it happened on the film set. This is a must-see educational film for even some of the most die-hard Star Wars fans.

Simple Tricks and Nonsense:

This entry offers a nostalgic feel. The video uses action figures with clear emphasis on kids playing with them to create a commercial with the feel of the original 1970’s and 80’s Kenner toy commercials. This entry, thanks to that nostalgia, is unique and immediately stands out from the crowd.


Visual Art and Photography:

Finally, the last two categories in the contest. In this static portion of the fan awards, many real stars appear. There are so many excellent submissions that choosing only a few top picks was a rather hard task, but after much deliberation, here they are.

Skywalking Blossoms:
This oriental inspired entry puts Darth Vader in the middle of a Japanese style scene. It beautifully blends the colors of Vader -the reds and the black- with the scenery, such as Mount Fuji and Japanese cherry blossom trees.


This creative piece resonates with the alternate covers for The Last Jedi. It features a 3.75” Rey action figure surrounded by ‘garbage’ which the photographer formed from odds and ends they had around their house. The fog really helps to finish off the atmosphere, and allows the picture to appear as if it could be a still right out of The Force Awakens.


Honorable Mention:

Millennium FAL-CAN – Hunger Can’t be Solved Solo

While this entry may not have the most clean cut edges and pristine appearance, this sculpture serves a purpose. Constructed out of 4,608 items of food, it was designed to shine a light on world hunger.

Note: This list was composed based on personal opinion. Other entries may also be deserving of consideration during the voting process.