How to Care for a Stray Cat

How to Care for a Stray Cat


Abigail McCoy, Secretary

Winter is approaching and the stray cats often seen during the summer and fall are going to need some proper care. Some cats are not strays but just outdoor cats that like to roam the surrounding area close to home. If you keep coming across a cat and you are worried as to whether or not they have an owner, then there are certain measures you can take in order to help the possible stray.

Put a temporary collar on the suspected stray with a note so if the cat wanders back home the owner will call and say the cat is fine. Another way is take the stray to the vet in order to see if  the cat is micro-chipped and find the owner that way, or ask around the neighborhood and see if anyone has put up any missing cat posters.

Remember to stay safe, it is often unclear if the stray carries some sort of disease that could harm you or any other pets that you have. As a completely last resort, if you personally cannot take the cat in, nor can anyone else, and the owner has not been found, then reach out to a shelter. It is not recommended to bring stray cats to a shelter or a pound as sometimes if cats or other pets are not claimed by their owners then they are often euthanized.

Stray cats are often scared of people, but if you really commit to them, they can become lifelong friends and the most affectionate animals in the world.