Trump and Putin will meet afterall

trump and putin shaking hands

trump and putin shaking hands

Tear Stallone, Staff Writer

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    Just Days after the midterm election, Donald J. Trump will be meeting with Vladimir V. Putin in Paris this weekend. This meeting will be an abbreviated discussion in deference to their French Hosts and more detailed talks will be held off until another meeting later in the month.

    This meeting will be the first  between America and Russia since July when they met in Helsinki, Finland. There is a lot going on, such as Trump publicly challenging the conclusion of his own intelligence agencies that Moscow interfered in the recent midterm election. Trump later stated that he misspoke and did not mean to undercut the agencies’ conclusion after the bipartisan condemnation.

    Trump sought out for weeks to meet with Putin again. He at one point sent his national security adviser, John R. Bolton, to arrange a meeting in Paris for Putin and Trump to speak more in depth. However, since the French requested that the U.S. and Russia hold off to avoid overshadowing French events, this meeting has changed slightly and they will meet later in November in Buenos Aires, Argentina to speak on more specific topics.

    There is a lot of tension between both countries, however Trump prioritized friendly personal relations with Putin to try and eliminate the problems between himself and Putin. Russian officials have said they want to circumvent what they see as deep – scale cabal surrounding the American president trying to sabotage efforts to foster closer ties between countries.

    Overall, the hopes that Trump and Putin’s meeting will lessen the problems between our two countries, are apparent. With the elections just ending, there is so much going on and this meeting could possibly make everything better.