California bar shooting

police outside of the bar after the shooting

police outside of the bar after the shooting

Mahkayla Perrin, staff writer

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On Wednesday night, a tragic shooting took place in a Southern California bar and grill called the Borderline. The shooting sadly took 13 innocent lives, and injured 18 other people. At the time the shooting began, there was over a hundred people inside the establishment, having a good time, until the shooter walked in and opened fire.

The shooter took the lives of 13 people including a sheriff’s sergeant, Ron Helus, who was one of the first police officers to arrive at the scene. He had entered the bar and was met with gunfire from the suspect. Helus was shot several times and was taken to the hospital, but he unfortunately died Thursday morning. The shooter had drove his mother’s pickup truck to the bar and walked in without saying anything and just started to shoot. Officials said that the gunman threw smoke bombs and fired gunshots at a crowd of a hundred people which led to a dozen patrons being killed.

There were many witnesses and victims, but one victim helped himself and others make it out of the bar safely. Matt Wennerstrom had heard the shots being fired so he grabbed as many people as he could and he used a pool table as a cover, he waited until he heard the gunman reloading his gun then he proceeded to help everyone escape through a window safely.

The gunman was later identified as Ian David Long, who officials said to be a 28 year old veteran of the US Marine Corps.  The Ventura County Police Department also believe that Long shot himself inside the bar right before they entered. Officials had spoke with Long’s neighbors, who said that Long did have emotional issues but mental health workers didn’t think he needed psychiatric help.

Paul Delacourt, an assistant director of the FBI’s field office has said, “Evidence suggests Long worked alone and didn’t plan other attacks.” The FBI  will also be interviewing witnesses and examining the video footage from the night of the shooting.