The Evolving Majorette Team


Theresa Watkins

Palmer High School Majorettes attend their third Umass Band day, 2018

Renee Chaples, Editor and Chief

Established back in the summer of 2015 by Theresa Watkins, the Palmer High majorette team has come a long way in the past three years. What started out as a team of only four girls (Hana Aubin, Renee Chaples, Abigail Shea, and Victoria Watkins) has expanded to have nearly 20 members and after three years of using the old color guard uniforms were finally able to upgrade their wardrobe.

  The new versus old majorette uniforms presented at the Big E parade (Left, old) and the       Veterans Day Parade (Right, new)

Prior to this year, the majorettes were stuck with the color guard and feature twirler uniforms that dated back nearly 20 years. They were falling apart and highly uncomfortable for the girls to wear and after two years of heavy fundraising and donations they were finally able to upgrade to a uniform far more comfortable and in better condition. Unfortunately, the uniforms came around just as the season starts to get very chilly.

This past Saturday marks the majorettes third time ever attending the band’s annual tradition of Umass band day and with temperatures reaching as low as 29 degrees Fahrenheit their new uniforms proved not to be fit to face the cold.  However, the majorettes still express a love for their new uniforms compared to their old ones, Senior Captain Abbie Shea states, “They are in much better condition and they compliment everyone’s natural beauty far more than the old ones.”

Alongside new uniforms, the color guard team were able to obtain new

Theresa Watkins
Color Guards’ upgraded flags.

flags since like the uniforms the flags were in poor condition. Instead of the old diagonal blue and silver design, the color guard swapped it out for a blue and white square pattern with nicer poles to achieve optimal twirling. The old poles were made of a material called fiberglass, which after a certain amount of time without proper care will crack and cause splinters. The new flags sport a brand new fiberglass pole covered in a plastic coating that will protect the poles from cracking.

The majorette team is ever-evolving and this is the first year they wave goodbye to the first generation of twirlers and the rest of the seniors. The first generation twirlers being Hana Aubin, Renee Chaples, and Abbie Shea and the other seniors being Khylyn Wenz and Eliza Portier.