The Paw Cast – November 16th, 2018

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Welcome to the  Paw Cast, a digital news companion to the Paw Print. Today we will cover sports and the California fires.

The Paw Cast airs Fridays over the course of the school year, covering school and local news, as well as topics suggested by you the viewer. To suggest topics, you can visit us during C block in lab 303 or email us at [email protected]

Hosts: Renee Chaples and Nicholas Silva

Sports Correspondent: Abby McCoy

Technical Support and Filming: Mr. Fleury



RC: Hello and welcome to this week’s episode of the Paw Cast, I’m your host Renee.

NS: And I’m Nick.

RC: The date is November 16/19 2018, which also means Thanksgiving is right around to corner and before we start we would like to wish everyone that celebrates it a happy Thotsgiving and for anyone who doesn’t celebrate a wonderful break from school. With that in mind, just a reminder that there will be no school next Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, the 21st -23rd. Now that that’s out of the way we will turn to our sports correspondent who will start us off with the sports news.

AM: relating to thanksgiving, Palmer High welcomes anyone to join us at the traditional Palmer Vs Ludlow Thanksgiving football game at legion field thanksgiving morning for 10 am. This will be the last official football game for the 2018 fall season and senior night for the football team, cheerleaders, majorettes, and band. With that ending, this also means winter sports season is just beginning. Girls and boys basketball and Winter cheer leading have both held their tryouts and wrestling sign ups are today. Go see Mr. Dioro or Officer Wahlers today or whenever possible if you are interested. The swim team have already started practices. This is the last chance to join a winter sport for this school year.

NS: Thank you, Abby, Alongside the upcoming Thanksgiving Football game the Palmer High Band recently carried out their annual tradition of playing at the Veterans Day parade this past Monday, November 12th. Although temperatures reached as low as 30 degrees, the band accompanied by the majorettes marched down the streets of Bondsville and joined in the ceremony shortly after.

RC: This weekend was also Umass band day for the band. Umass band day is a yearly tradition in which hundreds of schools bands all across the North East join the Umass band at Gillette stadium to perform in the football halftime as one giant conjoined band. The bands are often joined in by the school’s color guard and majorette teams. Every year the tradition was hosted on a Saturday. This year’s falling on Saturday November 10th. Unfortunately Umass’ football team lost to the BYU team 6 to 35 points.

NS: As many of you may be aware, there are terrible, deadly fires raging over the state of California. The current fires, the Camp Fire and the Woolsey Fire, have ravaged over 240,000 acres, destroying tens of thousands of structures and killing 69 people as of this time. The Camp Fire is currently the most devastating fire in the state’s history. The causes of the fires are currently unknown, but as the fires burn onward investigators are trying to determine the fire’s source. One major concern that has been raised by this terrible event is how close new structures are being built to the fire zones. The Camp Fire is presently 40% contained, and the Woolsey Fire is over 60% contained. Hopefully both will be contained and extinguished soon, before they can take any more lives. 600 people are currently missing, with thousands more displaced. Anyone looking to help those affected by the terrible fires can donate to the American Red Cross, which is seeking aid as their facilities are overwhelmed by people requiring refuge.
RC: Well, that’s it for this episode of Paw Cast, thank you joining us.

NS: Do you want to be featured on the next episode? Feel free to come on down to room 303 during C-block for more information and we will see you next time.