Murderous Children

Murderous Children

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Abigail McCoy, Secretary

Murder is rampant in our society. Whatever the motivation may be at least it stays out of happy family life, right? Wrong. There have been many cases of parents killing their children, newborns, toddlers, young children, and even teenagers.  But more surprising is when the children rise up against the parents, for right or wrong reasons, and either seriously harm their parents, or even kill them. Here are some instances when the child is a real killer.

Case #1: Stacey Lannert-

Stacey Lannert, born in 1972, and her younger sister Christy Lannert, born in 1974, suffered at the hands of their father from a young age. He was an alcoholic and claims from his ex-wife brought physical and sexual abuse to the table, and yet his two daughters were still forced to stay with him. Stacey Lannert claims that at the age of nine is when her father started having full-on sexual intercourse with her or forcing her to perform sexual acts on him. Before that age, he had just been physically abusive with cruel punishments and sometimes escalated to hitting. The main physical abuse was focused on the younger sister, Christy, while the older Lannert was dealing with the heaps of sexual abuse. She left for a period of six months around the age of 18 to live with her mother but before that time her father was raping her two to three times a week and performing other sexual acts on her for nearly nine years. After living with her mother for six months,  her younger sister begged her to come back home as all the abuse had been focused on her. The day she went home she saw her father’s rifle and knew that it had to end. He was sleeping on the couch when she took the rifle and ended his life. First, she shot him in the collarbone, but then ended it with a bullet to the head. It was not long afterward that she confessed to the crime also claiming sexual and physical abuse from her father. However, the jury did not believe her and she was sentenced to life in prison. 18 years go by and a similar case is opened up and Lannert’s case was reconsidered, and she was set free in 2009. She wrote her own book and is living a successful happy life.

Case #2: Esmie Tseng-

    Esmie Tseng, the daughter of two Chinese immigrants, lived in Overland Park, Kansas.  Her parents had set standards impossibly high for even her to think of reaching. She was only sixteen and yet she claimed she was grounded for getting a 96% on an exam and for particularly bad punishments she was forced to stand in the corner naked for her parents. She blogged often about her parents’ cruel punishments and unusually high standards. Finally, on March 6, 2006, Tseng finally snapped and stabbed her mother to death in a chase that lead through several rooms of the house. She pleaded guilty, and was released six years later and now works as a journalist in Kansas City, Missouri.  

Case #3: Lowell Lee Andrews-

    Thanksgiving 1958, Lowell Lee Andrews’ title of “the nicest boy in town” went in the trash the time of his arrest. His family was home for Thanksgiving so he went upstairs, shaved, put on his finest suit, and came downstairs with a .22 caliber rifle and a revolver, he shot his 20-year-old sister between the eyes and then moved onto his parents. His mother was shot three times and his father shot multiple times as he tried crawling towards his son, the 17th shot put him out of his misery. Andrews left the house, opening the window as to indicate a robbery and went to a movie in town, not before dumping his guns in the river. The police who apprehended him claimed he seemed emotionless and had no remorse towards killing his own family. When in custody Andrews claimed that he originally wanted to poison his family and move to Chicago to become a professional hit man or a gangster. He was sentenced to death by hanging in November of 1962.