Tips to Maintain your Weight Loss Diet

Renee Chaples

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Upon the rise of Instagram models that are constantly advertising and supporting the importance of self love and being healthy comes a lot of marketed products that are advertised to help achieve these goals quicker. Unfortunately, most of these products are doing the exact opposite which can make the pursuer of these goals very disappointed and hopeless. Thankfully, it’s not unheard of to achieve what seems unachievable. It just takes time, dedication and my worst enemy- the resources.

Starting off with the most basic root of losing or gaining weight is exercise and diets. This will be mostly focused on weight loss but expect a weight gain article in the near future.

Exercising and staying active plays a huge role in training the body to be a better version of itself. A common misconception is that focusing on abs workouts will be the best method of getting a fitter and healthier body, but that it not the case. To proportionally lose weight it’s important to have a proportional exercise plan. I’ve found that doing a more weekly based plan is the best method. Setting aside certain days for a certain focus on the body such as legs, arms, abs, or cardio, will help balance out the amount of exertion on the body, keeping from overworking muscles and causing discomfort. Another tip from certified trainers is to try working out in the early morning before eating- what is called a “fasting workout.” This method promotes weight loss since the workout burns the stored fat rather than the calories that person may have eaten prior. Alongside all this it’s very important to stick to the established workout schedule, one day missed will easily turn into many days missed with can hurt the results. Now to end off a workout, drink a glass of chocolate milk, chocolate milk is known to keep the muscles from breaking down after a workout and being sore the following day. This also means that it will be easier to keep up the workout schedule already made.

Alongside drinking chocolate milk it is very important to maintain healthy eating habits since eating certain foods can make any effort of working out have little to no results. For the first few months try cutting out processed carbs and sugars entirely. This can include candies, pastas, cereals, and baked goods. Switch these out and instead try lean meats, fruits, and veggies. Apples, carrot sticks, and lean turkey being the most recommended from those three categories. For beverages cut out sodas, and processed fruit juices, which can be replace with natural teas and water. Water is vital during this period. A common issue that pertains to hunger is actually being thirsty for water. This often mistakes people to think they need food when really they’re dehydrated. Drinking lots of water will make it easier to maintain a diet and hydration. If water seems too plain, try infusing the water with fruits and vegetables. Infused water has loads of benefits and there are loads of infused water recipes that can help with weight loss, sleeping, and even mood boosters.

Please note that everyone is different and these methods may not have the result expected. However there are many other options like hiring a personal trainer, or finding a specific diet that works based on your nutritional needs. It does not matter what methods you choose to reach your goals as long as they are healthy and make you happy.