Space Questions You May Have and the Answers Pt. 3


Abigail McCoy, Secretary

What if Earth stopped Spinning?

If Earth immediately stopped spinning then everything that was not attached to bedrock would be torn from the earth and thrown into the atmosphere due to how fast Earth is rotating. If it was a gradual process slowing down over billions of years then it would be a different story. There would be six months of night and six months of dark no matter where someone is in the world due to how Earth revolves around the sun. It wouldn’t be fatal but it sure would be interesting.

What company is doing the whole “space trips” thing and what are the logistics of it?

The most popular company doing space trips into orbit or further for tourists is SpaceX, founded by Elon Musk. The expected trip was to be in 2018 but it has been delayed awaiting more powerful rockets. The ship is to be launched out of orbit to circle the dark and light side of the moon. The trip is to last approximately a week and only host two tourists plus an experienced astronaut. No price has been release but it is obviously going to be “not cheap.”  

How do we efficiently travel through space?

We would need to create a power source that could be refilled automatically and an automated system for checks and repairs. The most common problem during space travel with humans happens to be that humans have a lot of needs and are not easily sustainable. Humans need food, air, water, and a stable ecosystem to live and rest in. It is impossible to travel through space if the people travelling are not at their prime capacity.

Can things rust in space?

Simple answer, no, iron and other metals would not be able to rust in space. Longer answer, in order for corrosion to occur oxygen is needed but it is well known that there is barely any oxygen in the depths of space, if any at all.