Deadly Car Accident

mahkayla perrin, Staff Writer

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On Sunday evening just before 5:30pm, a deadly 3 car accident took place in Granby, CT, between route 10 and Floydville Road which took the life of an innocent woman. The crash involved 3 cars, and the five passengers denied medical attention at the scene. Granby police captain William Tyler later identified the deceased woman as 58 year old Holly Norton from Southwick. The police have also released that Norton was taken to the nearest hospital where she later died. All officials know is that Norton was the only one in her car. Authorities had to close Route 10 off for five hours while they investigated the scene. So far no charges have been filed, and officials say the cause of the crash is unknown but the scene is still under investigation. Authorities have said that there will be more information later in the week on what actually caused the crash.