Girl Killed for a Visit to her Boyfriend

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    In a small town located in Eastern India, a 16-year-old went to her boyfriend’s birthday party, only to be found dead a week later on Sunday, January 6. Her corpse was discovered by local villagers along a highway with her head and one of her arms chopped off and her face seeming to be burnt off with acid.

    The town’s culture mandates it is forbidden for young teens to date. According to the police, the father arranged for the killing of his own child. The father stated that he made this decision to protect the family’s honor.

    This is another case of extremely sadistic violence acted upon a woman or a girl in India. On Friday, the police said the girl’s father, Turaj Prasad, was formally arrested along with a friend of his who carried out the actual murder. The police are withholding the girl’s name, and charges are expected to be filed later.

    After the girl’s body was found, thousands in the community held protests and vigils against the assault.