4 Americans killed due to and ISIS attack in Syria

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Nineteen people, including four Americans, were killed in Syria on Wednesday, January 9, 2019 due to a suicide bombing claimed to have been set by the Islamic State. This happened just weeks after Trump ordered a withdrawal of U.S. forces and declared the extremist group had been defeated.

This attack targeted an American military convoy in the northern city of Manbij. According to residents, the troops were located in the Palace of Princes, a restaurant that troops often stop at to eat during patrols. While the Americans were inside, the suicide attacker detonated an explosive vest.

This bombing raised questions about Trump’s decision to end the American ground war in Syria. Critics of the President’s plan and members of his own party stated that Trump’s claim of victory emboldened the fighters and encouraged Wednesday’s strike.

According to U.S. officials, this attack is at least the sixth major attack made by the Islamic State in less than a month and is one of the deadliest days that the American-led coalition has suffered in this fight against the group.

The Syrian Observatory of Human Rights has put the death toll at 19, including the 4 Americans, 10 Syrian civilians and 5 local fighters who were also found dead after the bombing. Surveillance footage showed a street of cars that were double parked in front of the restaurant and pedestrians on the sidewalk. When the explosive went off, it swallowed the sidewalk in a giant fireball and sent passers-by to run for cover.

ISIS stated through its Amaq news agency that the suicide attack targeted a patrol of coalition and local militiamen near the restaurant in Manbij. Since then, Manbij has been largely governed and protected by American-backed local councils. Although Manbij is hundreds of miles away from Islamic state territory, it is near Turkey and its Syrian rebel allies. American forces are maintaining a number of bases in Manbij and are running frequent patrols.

Condolences are sent to the loved ones of the 19 people who have been killed by this attack. Hope and prayers are sent to Syria that this war will come to an end.