The Paw Cast – January 25th, 2019

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The Paw Cast – January 25th, 2019

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Welcome to the Paw Cast, a digital news companion to the Paw Print. Today we offer a farewell to the Paw Cast.

The Paw Cast has aired Fridays over the course of the school year, covering school and local news, as well as topics suggested by you the viewer. To suggest topics, you can visit us during C block in lab 303 or email us at [email protected]

To suggest topics for our next project, the VOID, which will be a talk show posted here, please contact us by the means above.

Hosts: Renee Chaples and Nicholas Silva

Technical Support and Filming: Mr. Fleury



RC: Hello, I’m Renee

NS: And I’m Nicholas

RC: And today we have some exciting news.

NS: Yes, this will be the last Paw Cast for the indefinite future. Starting next week, we will be turning away from this bland, scripted newscast to a new and improved talk show.

RC: Yes. Known as the VOID, this will be the next step for Paw Print entertainment and news casting media. Starting in February, the Paw Cast will be phased out, and the VOID Talk Show by Paw Print will replace it. The VOID will be a ten to fifteen minute long segment every other week, filmed and aired on Friday on the Palmer Paw Print website.

NS: During the VOID, you will see three noble Paw Printers debate with great emotion the pressing issues plaguing society. Politics, nature, and world news are fair game. Also, we will continue to have a smaller news segment at the end of the VOID focusing on school news and sports.

RC: This has been the goal all along, since we first turned to an online format. The Paw Cast was a stepping stone, and we finally have the infrastructure to support this new idea.

NS: Again, this will be a opinion based talk show, light and jovial if possible. We have some great things planned for this project, and we hope that you will enjoy it. Also, as a side note, applications for the 2019-2020 Paw Print school year are still open. If you want to get involved in the VOID for next year, you must fill out an application.

RC: Yes, thank you. We hope that you enjoy this new project.

NS: This has been the Paw Cast. Thank you for watching, and we will see you in the VOID…