Competition Stress

Lilly Fontaine, staff writer

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Competition, stress, and anxiety effects all athletes and even the people that coach them. This type of stress can lead to many complications while performing, such as messing up, fighting with your teammates, getting nauseous, and shortness of breath. When one is on a team that regularly competes, sometimes it will feel like all of the pressure is on their shoulders. Stress present while learning and practicing might not be as intense as when one is performing. While practicing there is more room to slip up without consequence, but while competing there is less room for making such mistakes.

There are many ways to overcome this type of stress, like trying to control breathing. More often than not most people will experience shortness of breath while playing sports. When stress and anxiety starts to form, physical reactions can occur. As the anxiety begins to bubble up in your chest remember to breathe. Lack of breathing can cause an athlete to faint. One of the most helpful things an athlete can do is to get a good night’s sleep before the day of competition. When loss of sleep and stress are mixed, it can often cause many emotions to start flowing, which may be followed by feeling faint and nauseous.

Usually everyone on the team is anxious, so those who feel nervous most likely have a whole team of people to reassure them that they are not the only one to feel that way. Anger may follow anxiety. Many teammates will get upset and will fight physically or verbally which would cause anger toward each other and the other team. Every person at that competition is probably experiencing some kind of extreme emotion, and being nervous is totally normal. Feeling this way is very common because everyone messes up whether it is the first or the hundredth competition that is being attended. Any type of anxiety can be defeated with time.