Save The Bees

Bumble Bee

Credit to The Science Daily

Bumble Bee

Renee Chaples, Producer of The Void

Just recently, a seventh species of bumble bee was added to the ever-increasing endangered list. According to Virginia Life, “The rusty-patched bumblebees now only remain in just thirteen states.” With the near extinction of many bee and bumblebee species, many companies are opening up with a method of raising money to support our little flying friends.

The “Save The Bees” Project is a small organization responsible for the “Bee Inspired” line that they feature on their website. The line consists mainly of jewelry with their most notable product the radiant crystal gold rose. The crystal rose is made out of genuine gold foil and polyethylene. Although the product costs a pretty penny, the elegance of the rose makes it the perfect gift to a loved one or as a decoration in a home. The website also features the products of other companies who have set out to help the bees. These featured products are typically clothing lines. All of the proceeds from the site are donated to help raise awareness of the importance of helping the bees and researching safer methods to harvest bee-made products like honey.

Alongside “Save The Bees”, “Little Love Bees” is a similar, more affordable company in regards to helping the bees. Their products feature a wide variety from handbags and clothing to phone cases and jewelry. Unlike “Save The Bees” however, only a portion of the website’s proceeds is donated to support bee researching foundations. These foundations consist of Bee City Canada, Friends of the Earth, and Bees Matter. The company is also open to learning about other campaigns for saving bees from their customers.

Right now you can shop at both these sites at, (“Save the Bees”) and (“Little Love Bees”). Raising money in support of the bees is just one step closer to moving the bee from the endangered list.