Negative Effects of Video Game Addiction


two people use controllers to play games

Adela Storey, Staff Writer

Playing video games is a fun way to pass time for most teenagers and adults. It seems that this activity has turned into an addiction for many, and it has become harder and harder to pull someone away from a screen. When it comes to this addiction, what are the negative effects that result from hours on end in front of a screen?

When playing video games, few people pay any mind to their posture, which makes muscle pain an obvious effect. Most often, the wrist, neck and back are affected over many hours of bad posture while playing without a significant break.

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that can cause seizures when clusters of neurons misfire in the brain, which can sometimes happen as a response to flashing lights, quick movement or contrasting patterns. According to, “5% of all people who have epilepsy have this sensitivity to quick changes which is called photosensitive epilepsy.” Currently, there is no research that shows video games can create this brain disorder, but people who play video games and also have epilepsy should be cautious.

Gamers who prefer to excessively snack on foods and drinks high in fat while playing are at higher risk of developing obesity. With lack of physical activity and excess eating, obesity is a common result with children who refuse to step away from video games.

Sleep deprivation from playing video games can cause a variety of other problems including attention problems, a drop in grades, or change in physical appearance. When the body doesn’t get proper amounts of sleep, attention is altered, which is why some kids who stay up late playing video games have a hard time with schoolwork the next day. Wrinkles appearing at a younger age and weight gain are also products of losing sleep.

Although these might be caused by playing video games, it is only when gaming has become an addiction. When there are limits set on the number of hours played per day, there are usually no problems presented. A healthy balance is needed to avoid negative aspects.