10 People Killed in Paris Fire

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10 people were killed and 37 were injured due to a fast moving fire that ripped through an eight-story building in the residential part of Western Paris on Tuesday, January 28. This fire was said to be intentionally set.

Authorities are treating this as a possible case of arson that was tied to a neighborhood dispute. This was said to be one of the deadliest in the French capital in over a decade.

The Paris Fire Department provided the French Television with footage from the scene. Flames began bursting through the upper windows of the building and black smoke emerged and swirled around the courtyard. Firefighters climbed up the ladders to reach the people at their windows and some were lowered using a harness.

The police opened an investigation and Remy Heitz, a Parisian prosecutor, told reporters early Tuesday that a 40 year old woman named Rue Erlanger, who lived in the building on the 16th arrondissement, had been taken into custody.

This has been the deadliest fire in Paris since 2005, when 24 people and 11 children were killed in a hotel near a Paris Opera. Later that same year, a fire in an apartment building on the 13th arrondissement killed 17 people, and in 2015, 8 people died in a fire that tore through the apartment building on the 18th arrondissement of the capital.

Condolences and prayers go to those who lost their loved ones and the 37 injured people due to this tragedy.