A Survey Shows that Teen Stress Levels are Higher than Adults


the picture represents all the things that teens are stressed about

Mahkayla Perrin, Staff writer

Most adults may think that it’s impossible for teens to have higher stress levels than them, but it’s possible. A survey has shown that teens are more stressed than most adults. According to an annual survey published by the American Psychological Association, teen stress levels are reported to exceed that of adults. Teens reported that their stress levels are at 5.8 on a 10-point scale, compared with the adult average of 5.1. Teens say that their school year stress levels are far higher than they think is healthy. Dr. Sara Villanueva from Psychology Today says that teens are most stressed about school, work, expectations, and social connections. The agency’s stress in America survey found that 30% of teens reported feeling sad or depressed, 31% feel overwhelmed, 32% reported headaches, 40% felt angry, and 36% felt nervous or anxious. Erlanger A. Turner from Psychology Today has also said that there are ways to cope with teen stress, like get some sleep, focus on your strengths, talk to someone, and engage in physical activity.