Has Supernatural Been on for Too Long?

opening for Supernatural

opening for Supernatural

Autumn Harnois, Staff Writer

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Many TV shows have been aired for a very long time, and some aren’t aired for long enough. There are hundreds of shows in existence and many of them have hundreds of episodes, so binge watching takes up a lot of time. But how long is “too” long?

The longest running TV show in history is Gunsmoke which ran for a solid 20 years, but it will soon be surpassed by The Simpsons. Another TV show that has been on for a long time is Supernatural. I personally like watching the show and believe that it has been on for too long. They are currently on their 14th season and have given no hints that this will be the last.

Many of Supernatural’s fans have also agreed that the show should have ended a while ago. My friend Lilly, who also watches the show, states that, “The show should’ve ended at the end of Season 5 when the apocalypse happened. It was just the perfect way to end the show.” Although some of the following seasons are enjoyable, and many fans enjoy them, they don’t really have an intriguing or consistent plot. The fanbase is so large and active that the producers continued the show to keep the fans happy, but it has gone on for too long. Since they needed to keep the show going they just kept adding plot that didn’t always make sense.

Also, after a while of a show being on TV, the acting starts to decrease in greatness. The quality of special effects begins to decline because there isn’t as much effort put into it. Shows would be better if they ended them at a reasonable point instead of dragging it on for the fans. If people really love the show that much they could always rewatch the show instead of having a storyline that strays too far from the original message or concept that originally made it so popular. Supernatural is on its 14th season and it’s still going, but when will it be enough for the producers?