Are Cell Phones Really Destroying A Generation


different types of smartphones are arranged in front of a white background

Adela Storey

Within the past ten years, the excessive use of cell phones has become a hot topic. Nearly every young child owns a cell phone and spends most of their free time with their eyes glued to a screen. Schools have begun to implement numbered pockets that hang on walls to hold the cell phones of the students in class, so they aren’t as easily distracted while working. Phones are the first things parents take when grounding their child. It seems there is a dependence on phones within the current generations, and surely the ones to come, but have cell phones actually ruined our generation?

Mental health data is a main component that researchers use over a span of several years to conclude the changes in mood, and mental health is also a reason used to explain why cell phones are bad. A research company called “Monitoring the Future” concluded that throughout the past twenty years, there has been no rise in unhappy teens, and no drop in normal happiness levels. This company surveyed teens who used their phone for many hours a day, and teens who barely used or did not have a phone, and they concluded that there was only a slight difference in overall mood. It is safe to say that cell phones have no clear impact on the mental health of teens or young adults, therefore it cannot be used as leverage to say that cell phones are causing teens to be depressed.

Now, teens and adults have access to the internet which provides any information needed on any topic. This has opened up a new opportunity for people to stay updated with current events and learn more about things talked about in class. Cell phones provide a link to the internet which can be accessed at all times to gather information. A generation of informed individuals doesn’t seem to be a bad thing, so why would people even say that technology is destroying the younger generations? states a possible reason that older generations believe the younger ones are suffering is because of the easy accessibility we younger ones have. Now it is easier than ever to stay in contact with friends and research information, and the older generations believe that we aren’t putting in any work to strengthen bonds and complete research papers. Just because certain things are made more accessible with the help of cell phones doesn’t mean we are any less likely to be happy, go outside, spend time with friends and family, and work hard for the things we want.

This generation isn’t being destroyed, it is thriving on new knowledge and advances made in the technological community.