Abigail McCoy, Secretary

Most things fail on Earth due to humans being personally flawed. The seven deadly sins aren’t just part of the dark side of Christianity, they plague society and taint the pure beings of flesh and blood. Some people have the great idea of equality, uniformness, a world in which no one is treated differently due to race, gender, or sexuality. This idea is Communism.

Communism is perfect, in theory, but in reality, humans are flawed. Humans become power hungry; even the most down to earth and humble person will crave a change and will want superiority over someone else if given time. Communism supposedly suppresses that need, people are all given the same amenities, money and social hierarchies are abolished, everyone is a part in a uniform machine.

Doesn’t that sound perfect? Unemployment is 0%, graduation rates are high because everyone gets the same education, everyone has the same opportunities for jobs, poverty is abolished, greed is abolished as profit is spread evenly among workers no matter what they do, and people work in harmony to achieve a perfect utopia. Everyone gets the same slice of the cake and no matter what you do or what you don’t do, the slice will never get bigger or smaller.

Equal opportunity—that is what everyone fights for today and in the past. Why is communism such a radical and impossible idea to people seeking equal rights? Each time communism has been employed in a society, it would fail, with either an uprising or a mass genocide. Those versions were communism only in name but not spirit. Greedy leaders don’t realize they themselves are but a cog in the machine, not the person creating the machine.

Humans will never be the same. People will never comply to a perfect uniform system because in each individual’s mind there will be this thought of power and superiority, and they will seek it out until they find it or die.

Humans are flawed and imperfect, society will never be perfect and war will always haunt us. One thing would fix all earthly ailments, and that is lack of free will. Free will is going to be the end of the modern world as human beings will always lack the ability to see the whole picture.