Is Pineapple on Pizza Acceptable?


pizza on pineapple

Claudia Tegtman, Staff Writer

Is pineapple on pizza really so bad? Many people turn their noses away because of how commonly accepted it is to simply hate the dish and its strange toppings. There is a much more simple reason than many would expect to why people willingly eat pineapple on pizza.

A student who wished to remain anonymous states that, “It’s the most disgusting pizza I’ve ever heard of. I don’t think vegetables or fruit should be on pizza.” Some people simply don’t like the mix of sauce, cheese, and vegetables. On the other hand, another student claims that, “I like pineapple pizza, and it’s really not as bad as everyone says it is. I just don’t think enough people are giving it the chance.” Although it is true that many pineapple on pizza haters have never actually tried the dish, they go on to explain that, “I like it because I feel like it brings just enough sweetness to make it interesting.” They go on to explain how they also enjoy other crazy toppings to “spice things up”. Pineapple isn’t the only thing on Hawaiian pizza however, as ham or bacon are also added to clash with the sweetness of the pineapple. Another student adds that, “I like it, but not mainly for the pineapple. I feel like the ham and other meats put on the pizza are the main course while the pineapple is a sort of dessert. Something refreshing after all the dry meat.”

Everyone has probably heard the saying “you don’t know it until you try it,” which fits this case surprisingly well. The reason this article came to be was because a well known friend of mine, who hated pineapple on pizza, quickly changed their mind after one slice. For my friend specifically, the smell of warm pineapple was what grossed them out, and drove them away from the idea of trying it. Even though the smell put her off, it was the mix of spiced ham and pineapple that made her okay with the idea.

If you try pineapple pizza after reading this article and still don’t like it, you probably prefer spicy, dry, or plain pizza without all of the complications. Pineapple is an acceptable topping since so many seem to enjoy it, but don’t feel pressured into feeling like you shouldn’t like it because so many other people don’t. Try it out, and learn something new about yourself!