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Product Branding for Episode IX

Nicholas Silva, Layout Editor

So much was revealed at Star Wars Celebration Chicago, from Star Wars Episode IX to the Mandalorian, and also, of course, Fallen Order, it was a real exciting event.

First off the bat, the long awaited trailer for the final installment in the Skywalker saga was dropped, and certainly did not disappoint.

For anyone who hasn’t seen the trailer yet, and has any interest (which you should), it is conveniently located right here. It included some very dramatic shots of Rey vs. Tie Interceptor on an unknown desert planet. Theories will (unfortunately) not be discussed here, but there are certainly a whole lot swirling around this trailer. Most important is the epic Palpatine laugh at the end of the trailer after Luke says, “No one is ever really gone”, and then Ian McDiarmid’s immediate appearance at the Episode IX panel at Celebration. This is, fingers crossed, going to be an awesome movie, that can more than make up for the faults of The Last Jedi. If Thrawn shows up, then it would be even better.

Next up, The Mandalorian. The Mandalorian is the first ever live action Star Wars show, and will debut later this year on Disney Plus. It stars many well known actors and actresses, and helps to start fill in a very unexplored region of Star Wars lore. It is set to take place two years after the battle of Endor, and will follow a mercenary, the titular Mandalorian, as he takes on different jobs. It is also hinted at that the show might include some of the Imperial Remnant, as it is reported that during filming they had to recruit members of the 501st to help fill in, since they underestimated the number of stormtroopers needed for a scene.

Of course there was the Clone Wars Saved panel, and the Rebels Remembered panel, but nothing major came out of either.

Finally, there was the trailer reveal and panel for the much anticipated Star Wars: Fallen Jedi. Fallen Jedi is the first single player, campaign focused, multiplayer free Star Wars game since the Disney acquisition. It is going to revolve around a Jedi padawan, Cal Kestis, who escaped Order 66 and is now in hiding from the Empire. The player will guide the young Jedi as he learns more about the force, and faces off against the Second Sister and the Purge Troopers of the Empire. The game launches on  November 15, 2019, and looks like it might just get EA out of Star Wars fan hot water.

Star Wars Celebration also featured a large presence from Galaxy’s Edge, with a panel showing off new music and specifically designed, Aurebesh translated Coca-Cola bottles, and then later there were booths displaying the varying goods that will be on sale at the park. Guests were treated at in-depth looks at how both the build-a-droid and build-a-lightsaber experiences will work, amongst the other merchandise.

And that’s the big news from Celebration Chicago! Of course, more things happened, and the full run down is available on Star Wars’ site right here for more information.