Endangered Sea Turtles

sea turtles in its natural habitat

sea turtles in its natural habitat

mahkayla perrin, staff writer

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Why are sea turtles endangered? Sea turtles are going endangered from tasks that humans take part in every day, such as commercial fishing, nets, traps, and poaching. They are also endangered because pollution, erosion, and climate change. There are all different types of sea turtles and they all play a role in making their habitat and the environment around them healthier and better. Sea turtles help maintain the health of grass beds and coral reefs. Their eggs provide nutrients to the beach and its vegetation, therefore sea turtles make the vegetation stronger and they help prevent soil erosion. The conservation of sea turtles is very important because all parts of the ecosystem are linked, which means if one of the sea turtle species is wiped out, then it could affect the human population as well. How can we help save sea turtles? Here are some suggestions: clean the marine debris and trash off of the beaches, do not invade the turtles nesting space, reduce the use of chemicals, and volunteer!