Going to see Falling In Reverse


Lilly Fontaine

Lilly and I with the band

Autumn Harnois, Staff Writer

On May 4, 2019 fellow editor Lilly Fontaine and I went to a concert.. We saw four bands in total and met one of the bands.

The bands we saw were New Year’s Day, From Ashes to New, Ice Nine Kills, and Falling in Reverse. It was an amazing set and they really know how to put on a show. Before the concert had even started Lilly and I met Falling In Reverse and took pictures with Ronnie Radke, their front man. Then we viewed three of Falling In Reverse’s music videos and had a Q and A with the band.

Although this was not our first time seeing Falling In Reverse. We saw them perform at Warped Tour this past summer and loved it so much that we wanted to see them again. I personally have seen and met them before in 2017, but love them and the way that they perform so much, that I wanted to see them again.

We both know how to handle ourselves at concerts because we have been to many in the past; I’ve been to 12 in total and Lilly has been to 9. Music is such an important factor in both of our lives and seeing musicians perform live is such an amazing performance. “It really brings the music and the lyrics alive.” says Lilly, and I agree one-hundred percent.

At a concert everyone is there for the same reason. To have fun and enjoy the music. Therefore it is very easy to make friends and be kind to each other. At the concert we went to we made friends with the people all around us because we knew that we were going to be VERY close to them and we wanted them to be nice. While in the “pit” of concerts, you are extremely close to complete strangers, so it helps if you talk to them a bit before you get so close.

Concerts are my happy place and I want to go to SO many more before the end of my life. They are so much fun and I think that everyone should go to at least one in your lifetime. But, be careful, they are very addicting.