Pop Culture News: Halo Discovery Outpost


Photo Credit to Halo Waypoint

Concept Art for an In-Universe Outpost Discovery

Nicholas Silva, Layout Editor

In February, 343 announced Halo: Outpost Discovery, which Halo Waypoint calls “a traveling fan attraction that will let the whole family dive into the Halo universe in ways you haven’t experienced before.” It is expected to be a museum-esque collection, but will feature a pair of Spartans that guests can talk to and learn about.

Since then, much has been revealed about the project, and it looks great. There are going to be several different areas to the exhibition. There will be a hall of history with prop replicas and statues of a life sized Master Chief, an Elite, and a Warthog, amongst others.
There will also be a VR Spartan ‘training experience’, and a Combat Deck rumored to be like laser tag capture the flag, and a pelican training experience. There will also be a planetarium-styled, dome-based theater experience which will guide visitors around an unidentified Halo Array. Also in store, Covenant Escape, which will be an escape room styled event, with the participants following UNSC protocol, and disabling Covie tech.

There will also be a store, of course, where visitors can purchase Halo gear, including some that may be exclusive to the event. Guests can also opt to pay more to get VIP tickets, which come with an exclusive, golden Master Chief POP! Figure, UNSC dog tags, a cinch bag, and exclusive Xbox avatars. VIPs will also have access to the Outpost Discovery VIP Lounge, which is designed to be a relaxed, nostalgic 2000-era den, with Xbox 360s and the Halo: Fireteam Raven arcade game. Here, VIPs will also have the chance to talk to 343 staff members.

Finally, there will also be a pair of armored Spartans on patrol, each with a backstory that can be explored throughout the event. Similarly, fans are also encouraged to dress the part of their favorite Halo character, as long as they comply to these rules and guidelines.

The first Outpost event will take place in Orlando, Florida, between the 5th and the 7th of July. The full roster of locations is available here.