At Least 6 Killed during Church attack in Burkina Faso


Tear Stallone, Staff Writer

The government of Burkina Faso states that gunmen killed 6 people, including a priest, at a Catholic church on Sunday. This has been the second attack in the past 2 weeks on Christians in a nation becoming increasingly overrun by Jihadists.


Congregants left the church around 9 in the morning in the central north region of the town of Dablo. Then, about 20 men circled them and shot 6 dead, according to the government statement and local sources.

Attacks then burned down the church, looted a pharmacy and a few other stores, and then left. However, the government statement only mentions the burning of a shop and 2 vehicles.


Burkina Faso is beset by the rise in attacks during 2019, due to the groups that are linked with Islamic State and al-Qaeda, which is based in neighboring Mali. They seek to fuel local tensions and to extend influence over the porpous borers of Sahel.